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Alumni and other designers as well as aficionados of interior design are welcome to join the Friends of NYSID Library. Friends’ donations together with their in-kind contributions of books, photographs, materials and archives strengthen the NYSID library and the resources and services it offers students, faculty, other designers and researchers.

NYSID Library Policy Regarding Gifts in Kind

The NYSID Library welcomes the gift of books, periodicals, auction catalogs, architectural materials, equipment, archives, photographs and works of fine art. Gifts from our Desiderata list, available as an Amazon Wish List, are especially welcome. We are most grateful if donors are able to cover the costs of delivering gifts to the Library and to make a contribution toward cataloging gifted books.

For possible gifts that do not appear on the Desiderata or wish list, prospective donors should consult the Library’s Book Donation Policy or Materials Collection Guidelines and speak with a  librarian at 212-452-4171 or libraryinfo(at) before making a donation and provide a list of the items offered. The librarian will work in consultation with the Director of the Library and Archives to approve the gift. The Library will make every effort to keep all donated works, but it reserves the right not to accession individual items that either duplicate or are determined to be less relevant to the collection. Such items may be offered to students or to other libraries for their collection, or they may be sold. Proceeds of the sale of such volumes will be used to benefit the collection. In the case of large collections, books will be integrated into existing classifications rather than kept together as a group.

The Library provides a letter of receipt, including where appropriate an item inventory, but does not estimate the value of the book(s). The donor may wish to consult the Appraisers Association of America: or the Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America: of a listing of appraisers/book dealers who will establish the value of the gift.



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