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The Library should be quieter! A library is supposed to be for study, research and reading and it’s very difficult with noisy patrons having extended conversations.

We can understand your frustration with loudness in the Library when trying to study. As a small library, we cannot provide dedicated “Quiet Zones” but we only allow low noise-level conversations. The Library staff will work harder to ensure patrons are courteous to their fellow students. Please always see a Librarian if you feel the noise is unreasonable and we will work to resolve the situation.


Please get better staplers. They never work. Ever.

We are happy to report that we now have 2 new (and very well-functioning) staplers at the back of the Library!

We need big size staples!
We agree! A high density stapler is currently on order. Look for it over by the regular staplers later this summer!

We really need more than one scanner
Many patrons don’t realize that in addition to our very high quality Bookedge Scanner at the back of the Library, the Library’s black & white photocopier also provides free scanning in black and white or color. We will put signage up to make this more evident and also post instructions on how to use this feature on the copier. Please ask us for assistance if you have any questions.

I think it would be better to put the photocopier in the Atelier
Thanks for your feedback. The decision to relocate the photocopier back to the Library was made because there were too many instances of students not being able to photocopy our Library Use Only books when it was located in the Atelier. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Library Policies

Please stay open till 10:00PM. Seriously.

Thank for your feedback. We would love to stay open later, but at this time we don’t have the funding to allow us to do so. Every effort is made to keep the Library open as long as possible and 7 days a week during the Fall and Spring Semesters.

I do not understand how we are supposed to browse through DVDs. The fact that we cannot look at the drawer does not help students.

We couldn’t agree more! We are actively working on a solution to this problem, and hope to resolve it as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the DVD collection, the Library staff will be more than happy to help you.


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