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The mission of the NYSID Archives & Special Collections is to collect, preserve and provide access to materials related to the practice of interior design as well as the official and historical records of the College.  Through the collections, The NYSID Archives & Special Collections seeks to support interior design research, as both professional practice and academic discipline.


In 2013, NYSID founded its Archives in response to recognition that there was little to no collection of materials related to either the pedagogy and/or business of interior design, and that the records of the profession’s early leaders were in danger of being forgotten or discarded. The NYSID Archives & Special Collections assumes the mission of preserving this material for future generations of interior designers and researchers.

The NYSID Archives & Special Collections, housed within the NYSID Library, is comprised of both the NYSID Institutional Archives and the NYSID Interior Design Special Collections.

The NYSID Institutional Archives was officially formed in anticipation of NYSID’s centennial in 2016.  It is the official repository for the records of the College and includes materials related to the history of the College and the evolution of interior design pedagogy at NYSID from its founding in 1916 to the present day.

The NYSID Interior Design Special Collections is comprised of the archives of designers or design firms and currently includes the following: the Yale R. Burge Antiques and Interiors Collection, which includes materials created by and related to the business of Yale R. Burge Antiques, Inc. (1955-2013) a renowned, New York city based purveyor of antique furniture, décor and select furniture reproductions; the Joseph Grusczak, ASID & William DeGraff Archival Collection, which contains materials created by and related to Grusczak Associates, Inc., an interior design firm that worked on projects ranging from high-end residential homes to large-scale projects for the InterContinental Hotel group, and whose namesake, Joseph Grusczak, is an alumnus (Design Diploma, 1956); the Sarah Tomerlin Lee Collection, comprised of the business and personal papers related to the prolific career of Sarah Tomerlin Lee, President of Tom Lee Ltd.; and the Neal A. Prince Special Collection and Archives, documenting Mr. Prince’s interior design and branding for InterContinental Hotels from 1961-1986.  In 2015, Mr. John Rouse, publisher of Contract and Interiors magazines, donated the entire back files of these two titles to the NYSID Interior Design Special Collections.  Most recently, the NYSID Archives & Special Collections was pleased to accept the Joann Nelsen Collection, a collection of hand-painted textile and wallcovering designs by Joann Nelsen (1937 – 2013). Joann Nelsen designed for companies including Schumacher, Waverly, and First Editions, and established her own design collective, Half Drop Designs.  You can read more about the donation in the April 8, 2016 New York Times article, “Wallpaper Archive,” here.

The NYSID Archives & Special Collections actively seeks materials from interior designers, firms, and professional organizations at every level of influence.  The Archives also accepts donations of NYSID-related materials from alumni, former staff and faculty, and friends and/or family of these individuals.  For more information about what types of materials the NYSID Archives & Special Collections collects, please see the Collection Development Guidelines for both the NYSID Institutional Archives and the NYSID Interior Design Special Collections.


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