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The NYSID Library’s Materials Collections

The NYSID Library maintains two collections of material samples: The Mario Buatta Materials Atelier on the 2nd floor of NYSID’s 70th Street building (Main Campus), and The Ruth and C.J. Trimble Materials Collection on the 3rd Floor of NYSID’s Graduate Center.

Material samples are acquired from donors that include major architectural firms, design firms and showrooms throughout New York City. Samples are then sorted, organized and replenished by the Library’s student workers.

Both materials libraries at NYSID provide a wide selection of samples for students to freely take and use on their design projects. The collection on NYSID’s Main Campus encompasses a general mix of residential and contract materials while the Graduate Center’s collection aims to serve student projects more focused on contract and sustainable design.

The Library also maintains a subscription to Material Connexion, an online database of advanced, innovative and sustainable materials and processes with descriptions of the materials and manufacturer’s contact information. As a member of the NYSID community, you may schedule a visit to their New York City location.  Please note that Material Connexion does not give out samples.

Those wishing to make a material donation to the NYSID Library should consult with:

Meg Donabedian

A Materials Donation Form should be filled out and accompany any donated materials for gift-in-kind acknowledgement and statistics purposes.

The donor is responsible for the delivery of material donations to the Library. Deliveries should be coordinated in advance for receipt during regular business hours. Unfortunately, NYSID employees are unable to pick up donations off campus.

All material donations are accepted with the understanding that they become the Library’s property and as such may be used or discarded at the Library’s discretion.

Collection Development Guidelines for the NYSID Materials Libraries

Fabric samples must be memo-sized and intact (with manufacturer label and uncut). The date (if any) on the label must fall within the past 3-4 years.

Hard Materials
Current or no older than 3-4 years (if date is known).
Note: We are unable to receive any hard materials that are 12” x 12″ or larger due to size and weight.
Hard materials must be small — up to 6”x 6” is standard.

  • Ceramic (porcelain and terracotta)
  • Cork
  • Engineered stone
  • Glass
  • Laminates
  • Metal
  • Natural stone
  • Plastic
  • Rubber/linoleum
  • Vinyl
  • Wood

Carpet Tiles
Current or no older than 3-4 years (if date is known).
May be a maximum of 12″ x 12″ or smaller.

Wall Covering
Current or no older than 3-4 years (if date is known).
Standard 8.5” x 11” size (or larger if in binders).

Current or no older than 3-4 years (if date is known).

Vertical Surfaces
Current or no older than 3-4 years (if date is known). Stocked primarily at our Graduate Center location in limited quantities.

Manufacturer Catalogs/Product Specification Binders
Current or no older than 1-2 year at time of receipt. Retained for 3 years after receipt and then replaced with newer publications.

Sample Books
Current or no older than 3-4 years (if date is known). Accepted in limited quantities due to storage considerations.

Auction and Dealer Catalogs
Auction and dealer catalogs (as recent as possible) are collected for the Main Campus location only. Images must be of high quality and preferably in color. Focus is placed primarily on furniture, country homes, private collections, and decorative arts. Fine Arts auction and dealer catalogs are not collected.

We are unable to stock the following items:
• Hard surfaces exceeding 6” x 6”
• Oversize fabric samples (e.g. road samples)
• Fabric samples that are cut, worn or missing labels
• Paint samples
• Acoustic ceiling tiles
• Tiny fabric swatches
• Manufacturer catalogs/product specification binders older than 2 years
• Bricks

Thank you for your support of the NYSID Library.


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